One of our business principles is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers by “monozukuri based on our team play.” In general, we do not refuse even difficult requests of our customers and aggressively tackle with difficulties. Our staff unite to securely solve each difficult problem. Before delivery, we carry out trial operation of our products at our production facility. As necessary, we invite our customers to witness the trial operation. As for delivery, we cooperate with our reliable transportation partners highly experienced in transportation of precision equipment. Thanks to them, we can deliver our products of satisfactory quality in the satisfactory state. Therefore, our customers can enjoy the high performances of our products confirmed by the thorough trial operation in a short time after the delivery.
Also, we can satisfy detailed requests of our customers. We are engaged in manufacture of and works for equipment and jigs and tools, receive small-lot orders, enter into price negotiations, provide after-sales follow-up, receive urgent orders, and promptly respond against troubles. Thus, we provide such friendly customer services as large-scale businesses cannot provide. Therefore, our customers highly evaluate us and say, “Ishiyama always helps us when we are in trouble.”

Sincerity – Doing the right things in the right way

Our founder, Akio Ishiyama who is currently the Chairman, started his career as an apprentice carpenter under his father, and then he experienced various professions before he founded our company. He met many people and received supports from them, and learned many things in various fields. Through these experiences, he has acquired his philosophy of life, “sincerity.”
As well as from foundation of our company on, he has been working on his tasks consistently with the highest priority on “sincerity.” This “sincerity” has become our corporate culture spontaneously. We have been greatly valuing “being sincere in everything” and “doing the right things in the right way” since our foundation.

Continuously responding to requests of customers

Aiming at the completion of products ideal for our customers, we participate any jobs from the planning phase and repeatedly have meetings with them. We accompany our customers and help them launch their new products even a day earlier. We gather our “conception ability,” “technical ability,” and “observance ability of delivery deadline,” to offer value to our customers.
The most important thing is the eagerness “to respond to requests of our customers.” We have been making our best efforts to implement the production image of each customer and to deliver the implemented product to the customer by the requested deadline.

Aim at building “long-term relationships”

We aim at building “long-term relationships” with our customers, suppliers and employers who are the stakeholders of our business. To build long-term relationships with them, we have made it a rule to “observe the promises (delivery deadline),” “do the right things in the right way,” “value give-and-take,” and “continuously make efforts to get recognition for our jobs.”

Our business

We are engaged in manufacture and sales of production equipment oriented for the manufacturing industry. We plan, develop, and manufacture various production equipment in detailed response to the properties of products of our customers and their production environment. We have been working with our customers in the liquid crystal display and semiconductor industries for a long time. Based on our experiences, technical know-how and our data collected from a huge number of our past achievements, we can suggest comprehensively the plan optimal for the production processes and requests of our customers.
Especially regarding manufacture of the equipment for production facilities of LCD panels, we have acquired some patents, and also we have accumulated experiences and shown business results for many years. We can manufacture even ultra-precision production equipment to be used in cleanroom environments.

Development and sales of various tools

Development and sales of the next-generation cleaning pad of new idea born from technological innovation brought about by advanced technologies.

Our cleaning pad allows use of abrasives suitable to the respective purposes. The resin functionality improved by our cleaning pad and patterning technology strengthen resins and improve their durability. Simultaneously, the improved flaw and dirt removability of our cleaning pad makes it applicable to cleaning of the glass surfaces.

Parts machining

We receive mechanical parts machining orders.

We receive orders of various processed products as well as parts used in the production equipment. We are engaged in the whole processes from machining to surface treatment and deliver the finished products to our customers.

We never compromise in any processes in order to deliver high-precision and high-quality products.